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We want to share our philosophy of nourishing, mindful foods with as many people as possible. We believe there are some amazing individuals out there with the desire to share only the best with their friends, family, and communities. If you know deep down this person is you, read on to see if our Affiliate program is right for you. Then simply click "Join Now" to get started. 


Ideal Affiliate

  • Someone who is currently the embodiment of health creation and promoting a lifestyle based on wellness practices
  • Health/Fitness Bloggers, Health Practitioners, Independent Consultants who have a focus on food or want to add food to their primary messaging
  • Anyone with an existing community who come to you for all things health, wellness, and eating to live better.
  • A person who understands commitment to their core values 

Signing Up

  • Click Join Us 
  • Create profile (Let us know who you are and why you believe you are the person we've been looking for!)
  • Your profile will be screened in 24-48 hours
  • Once approved you will get access to our resource center and personal code to start sharing Pharm Table with your tribe! 
  • Share. Promote. Earn. Simple. 


Why Join?

  • Increase your value with the people who know and trust you and those ready to discover you
  • Earn extra income on the side simply by sharing the Pharm Table brand. We handle all the customer service and delivery!
  • Choose from our list of incentives every month. The more you earn, the more incentives you unlock.
  • You will gain the eclectic knowledge that only Pharm Table has brought together under one brand. Enrich your life and the lives of others with Pharm Table. 
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