This one of a kind, interactive two hour class gives you all the tools you need to start taking better care of your health.

Our curriculum pulls from both ancient and modern wisdom to give you a new understanding of the role food plays in our lives as individuals. What may be great for one person, may be detrimental to another. Health will never be a one-size-fits-all. We want to demystify the steps you need to take to getting the best results for your body type. 

Your body is unique and where there are no instructions included, there is Pharm Table. We guide you through discovering your personal body type, how that affects your life, and how to take control. Our system is steeped in the Ancient knowledge known as Ayurveda ("eye-yer-vay-duh"), which was information collected over hundreds of years by Indian Monks who accounted for Mind, Body, and Spiritual elements that make up an individual. While we touch on all these things, we bring the focus into what we put in our bodies.


What You Get in this class:

- A Printed Booklet containing everything about Spices, Raw foods, food preparation techniques and how they apply to your body type, gentle Fasts that nourish the body rather than deprive it, kitchen staples, easy recipes that taste great and leave you feeling great.

- One on One interaction with Ayurvedic Diet pioneer and Pharm Table owner Elizabeth Johnson. Gain valuable, personal insight and learn with others who are also on their journey to a more personalized diet. 

- The "Ayurvedic Flavor Wheel" exercise. Taste first-hand the six flavors that make up the foods we eat and experience immediately the way each one affects you (and others of different Dosha Types) 

The class provides invaluable information about nutrition. Pharm Table serves delicious food made from fresh, seasonal ingredients. The food [is] amazing!
— Carmen Belk

at the end of this class:

- You will know what foods to boost/eliminate in your (and your loved ones at home) diet.

- How to prepare your foods to prevent fatigue and 'fog brain'. 

- You will have a much better understand of the way our bodies process and digest foods and what you need to do in your daily meal prep/grocery shopping to get better results from your meals. 

- You will know how to use foods/spices as aids in various ailments of the body (i.e. Headaches, poor digestion, low immune system, etc) 

Chef Elizabeth Johnson

Chef Elizabeth Johnson

About Chef Elizabeth Johnson

From 2008-2014, Elizabeth served as a Latin Cuisines Specialist/ Chef Instructor of The Culinary Institute of America, San Antonio. Elizabeth taught classes, conducted research, and produced multi-media tools for the Center for Foods of the Americas (CFA), a department within the CIA dedicated to Latin Culinary Arts and research.

In December 2014 Elizabeth launched her version of Food 2.0. Pharm Table, a synonym for culinary medicine, redefines health food and promotes anti-inflammatory cooking. Elizabeth utilizes her background in world cuisines as well as her understanding of plants, herbs and their anti-inflammatory effects.

At the end of the day, she believes all disease is fueled by imbalance in the body and her approach to cooking is fueled by the desire to bring the body back into balance. Pharm Table was named one of the top 10 new restaurants in San Antonio. Johnson is reeducating Texans about how delicious and sexy health food can be with her new concept.

Elizabeth has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines like: Edible Austin, Edible San Antonio, San Antonio Express News, San Antonio Woman, The Rivard Report, San Antonio Current, Texas Highways Magazine, the Houston Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, National Culinary Review, National Restaurant Association Magazine, numerous blogs and nationally televised programs like Simply Ming and The Travel Channel, as well as a featured Ted-X Salon speaker in San Antonio for the Food Policy Council.Elizabeth also serves on San Antonio’s Culinary Task Force for the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to promote the growth and future of the city’s culinary scene