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*Breakfast ($5 Add-ON each)
amaranth: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, raisins, pumpkin & pepita
groats: dehydrated carrots, chia, golden raisins

*pairs with bowls for a macrobiotic meal

1.  Fall Lentil Stew
sprouted lentils, garam masala, sweet potato, kale

2. Cilantro Mint Soup
zucchini, onion, cilantro, mint, sesame seeds, toasted coconut

3. Winter Squash Chupe
roasted winter squash puree, sofrito, cilantro

*Pairs with small plates or soups
4. Steamed Fall Vegetables
lemon sunflower dressing (CF)

5. Sprouted bean ‘Solterito’ quinoa salad
south american style bean salad served with fresh herbs

6. Mi-so Caesar
afro kale, miso cashew caesar dressing, crunchy pepita seeds

* Pairs with Soups

7. Carrot chia Mash & Collard bowl
 julienned squash, beets, watermelon radish

8. Kitcheri Bowl
sprouted Basmati rice & mung dal, squash, kale, sweet potato, grounding spice (CF)

9. Squash noodles & Dandelion Mint Pesto
cashew, pepita, mint, dandelions / served with sweet potato (CF)

Pickled $4
* Use as a condiment
10. pickled ginger (CF)

11. tamari & miso cooked pickles (CF)

Small Plates $12
(v available)
13. Mole Manchamanteles (with chicken)
tablecloth stainer, sweet potato, watermelon radish, daikon radish, brown rice

14. Curry Vegetable Stew (with Beef)
squash, carrots, beets, radishes, kale, sweet potatoes (CF)

15. Texas Nicoise salad
roasted beets, carrots & radishes, pickled green beans
poached amberjack

*Sweet Bites ($5 Add-On each)
Cardamom Date Bites with Guatemalan cacao nibs (CF)
Horchata pudding: Toasted coconut, Cinnamon, Nut Milk, Dates, Chia seeds (CF)

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