If you care for your Mom (and we know you do!), give her the gift of health with a Pharm Table gift certificate that she can use to treat herself to a scrumptious farm-to-table lunch or dinner. Our menus are always made with high quality, locally-sourced and organic ingredients. We offer gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as other options, such as our grass fed beef laab and cucumber salad. Our food is the perfect blend of healthful and yummy!

Moms might also like to try our new 3-Day Culinary Cleanse Bag or take our “Eating For Your Body Type” workshop (includes a 3-course meal), which offers tools on how to bring your body back into balance by better understanding your own unique body type and applying both ancient and modern tools and wisdom.

At Pharm Table, we integrate elements of Ayurveda and Macrobiotics, as well as follow research from the Harvard School of Public Health and National Geographic Blue Zones Research. If you’re asking yourself what is Ayurveda, you might be surprised to learn it’s a centuries-old system of natural healing that comes from the Vedic culture in India.

Ayurveda, which means Life Knowledge/Science, is rooted in nature, the seasons, and in the body’s natural functions, connecting the mind, body and spirit with the environment. By identifying how the three fundamental energies – Pitta (Fire), Vata (wind), and Kapha (earth) – influence and express themselves through your own unique body type, you can more easily balance these aspects. Ayurveda offers tried and true guidelines that do just that. Tasting is believing!

Order your Gift Certificate TODAY and help your Mom take that first step towards a healthier and happier lifestyle!