Use of fenugreek (both in curry and on its own … great digestive .. slight onion flavor) 

Cooling spices: caraway, fennel, coriander, cumin (seeds)

Clove & paprika with beef (for digestion), turmeric & ginger

pickled beets with chinese five spice (anise, cinnamon, clove)

bitter greens: collards (great for calming the “fire" of summer heat), served with BF pork

cooling soups for the freshest of fresh (cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes)

Japanese Wagyu tri-tip is given the flavor of bbq with smoked spanish paprika, clove and herbs

potato salad is mayo-less … made with cashew cream

green beans are left fresh and served with beluga lentils, west indies spices and golden beets

A.B.C. our cute version of a bean & corn bowl with our signature carrot salsa


We want to hear from you … tell us what you think about Pharm Table BBQ offerings! 

We will be selling many of these items in large “Feeds a Farm” packs (cryo-vac’d for freshness). 

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