This week we are exploring the Mediterranean island of Sardinia! A beautiful cultural incubator of close knit communities, long lived traditions, and balanced way of life. 

Sardinia is one of the five Blue Zones in the world. Longer life spans, closer family structure, goats milk and wine! The perfect environment for a long, happy life...or perhaps they possess a genetic advantage over the average person?

 It was actually confirmed (1) that Sardinians do carry the M26 marker, which is linked to longevity more so than the general population. Their isolation has allowed this genetic trait to remain intact. However, the truly remarkable preservation is actually their culture.

Every Blue Zone has stronger tendencies towards several of the Power 9, which we discussed in this post. Sardinians are well practiced in:

  • Moving naturally- with shepherding being one of the core occupations, Sardinians walk at least five miles a day. This is great for muscle and bone metabolism and not destructive to the body like running a marathon. 

  • Putting family first- they maintain a strong family community, ensure that all members are cared for including the elderly who are celebrated as pillars of their family life.

  • Laugh with friends - Sardinian men have a custom of meeting in the streets every day simply to enjoy each others company. 

  • Conscious diet- drinking wine in moderation daily, drinking goats milk rich in  omega 3's, and eating meals consisting mostly of legumes (accentuated with meat) all contributes to longevity.

This week we took our subscribers on a tour de Italia with Longevity Minestrone, Romaine Chickpea Tomato salad, soaked wheat berry and kale risotto.

Our raw ingredients included fennel, which eases digestion, first crop zucchini for soup croutons, we took the heart of the squash from the spiral raw pasta in the bowls, and first crop new potatoes! We paired parsnips with red carrots and loquats, used wine, olive oil, and more legumes than usual as the hallmarks of this weeks menu.

Next week we are going to Greece, so be on the watch when we announce our next post!

Elizabeth Johnson
Co-founder + CEO