Change your relationship with food, Change your life.

This one of a kind, interactive two hour class gives you all the tools you need to start taking better care of your health. Our curriculum pulls from both ancient and modern wisdom to give you a new understanding of the role food plays in our lives as individuals. Your body is unique and where there are no instructions included, there is Pharm Table. We guide you through discovering your personal body type, how that affects your life, and how to take control. 

 Learn the signs of your bodies imbalances, the meaning behind cravings, and the foods your body 'really' wants. You will also take home a Health and Wellness Bundle including our original booklet, a personalized spice pack, and priceless knowledge on how to take control of your life and feel amazing. Spots are limited, to sign up click below and don't forget to take the quiz in order to discover your body type before your class date. See you there!

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