Inspiring and eye-opening lecture from Elizabeth Rodriquez, author of "Put On the Blindfold and Jump." (Books available for sale) * Lecture includes lunch. TOPIC: Change Your Mindset: You have to put on the blindfold and jump. Put on the blindfold and jump is the phrase I use to explain difficult transitions. When you are confronted with changes, you are embarking on a new journey where you can’t see the road ahead, but you have to blindly move forward anyway. It feels like you are blind, because you are unsure. You don’t know where you are going to land, or if you’ll be okay and consequently, you feel fear. The fear is so palpable because you are facing some new experiences that may push you out of your comfort zone. You have a choice on your outlook and how you want to adapt to change. You have to trust, be brave and take risks. Feel the grip of fear and embrace it. Listen, trust yourself and your actions and move forward anyway. This is the direction you want to take, and it takes courage.