Official Press reviews of Pharm Table Restaurant, along with our much-prized customer reviews!


Official articles highlighting Pharm Table Cafe and founder Chef Elizabeth Johnson


Amazing food— so healthy but it felt decadent. Am so happy that a friend took me here! Will definitely come back. Loved the food and the philosophy.
— Nicole Worsley Love
Amazing new place for a HEALTHY lunch my friends, Tuesday-Friday, Pharm Table . Local, seasonal, fantastic!
— Rollie Blackwell-Devlin
Pharm Table is the best! First off, all the food is local and seasonal (organic, non-gmo). But secondly, it leaves you feeling great! Seriously I have eaten Pharm Table food in a bad mood, then forgotten I was feeling that way! And it’s delicious! Like gourmet. Yall go!
— Townsend Claverie
FINALLY! A fresh, healthy vegetarian/vegan restaurant in San Antonio! The food is great and the people are friendly. I love that the menu changes daily. Eating there today made my day. I am very happy that this place exists. Go check it out!
— Christopher H.
I had the Spiced Curry Chickpea Bowl to go. It was very good and the owner spoke to me about the philosophy of the company. It is yummy, would order more than one thing if eating it for a full meal though.
— Zeina Z.