The language of pharm table

In all of our brand touch points we make sure to use consistent and effective language when discussing our products and services. This ensures that we are sending the right message to help our community "get it". To guide you in merging your voice with Pharm Table's and create a seamless experience, here are key phrases to use for your copy. 


Key Words

  • Nourishing
  • Wellness
  • Local
  • Ayurvedic 
  • Personalized
  • Connected
  • Longevity
  • Vitality
  • Anti-inflammatory

Selling Points

Pharm Table goes beyond the ordinary organic eatery. We have blended the basic principles of eating seasonally, locally, and biologically to support our core mission: Longevity. We guide you on what and how to eat the best foods for your body type instead of the 'one-size-fits-all' ideology.

We source everything from local organic farmers and create our menu based on what's in season. Eating seasonally will provide more nutritional benefits because we are consuming produce that is literally fresh from the ground.

When you eat locally, you are reducing the carbon footprint of transporting the produce as well as supporting the farmers right here in our community. 

Pharm Table promotes and utilizes the ancient wisdom of the food + body connection known as Ayurveda ( "I - yer - vay - duh" ). In a nutshell, this is the window into the three main body types and how different foods impact each one. This is the cornerstone of how we teach others to consume what benefits them. 






In addition to the right foods is the right lifestyle habits. To achieve the balanced, long life we all desire, we must blend our diet and our activities to work together to our benefit. We have collected a list of the habits of the longest living people in the world (As studied and produced by the Blue Zones) All the worlds longest living communities have these habits in common:

  • Move Naturally - Grow a garden, walk instead of drive, play with your children, get active beyond the gym
  • Purpose - knowing your purpose, what gets you out of bed each day, is worth up to seven years life expectancy*
  • Down Shift - Known as a "siesta" in Spain, take time in the middle of the day to meditate, pray, enjoy a walk, or anything that helps you de-stress. Stress is a catalyst of inflammation. And skip the electronics during your down time. 
  • 80% Rule - Remember to stop eating when about 80% full. Your body takes up to 20 minutes to digest your food and this is a good way to keep from overworking your body. 
  • Plant Life - Eating primarily plant-based diets is another connection of the worlds longest lived people. Most only eat meat 4-5 times a month. 
  • Wine - Yes, wine. 1-2 glasses a day is a habit amongst centenarians. Pairs well with food and friends. 
  • Connection - Almost all the centenarian communities interviewed by the Blue Zones team attending a faith-based gathering regularly (of any denomination). 
  • All in the Family - Keeping family first, caring for aging parents, and making time to love your kids boosts longevity and quality of life for all. 
  • Being a Friend - Turns out the phrase "You are the combination of the five people closest to you" has long term effects. Healthy habits as well as toxic ones, are actually contagious. So choose wisely, live longer.