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Pharm Table + ¡Por Vida!

Pharm Table is featured in the new ¡Por Vida! Healthy Trail!

Metro Health’s ¡Por Vida! program and Culinaria teamed up to highlight 10 local restaurants that promote tasty and healthy menu options while also giving back to the community and the environment. Pharm Table is also proud to have GOLD CERTIFICATION for recycling from Reworks SA.

When you dine at Pharm Table, you are eating healthy food and having a positive impact on your carbon footprint.

¡Por Vida! meal standards are no more than:
• 700 calories
• 8 grams saturated fat
• 12 grams added sugars
• 750 mg sodium
• no fried foods
• no hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oils

Pharm Table has eight ¡Por Vida! approved menu items to choose from.
1. Persian Salad
2. ​Paleo Salad
3. Mexican Huarache
4. Farm to Table Tacos
5. Collard Tacos
6. Macrobiotic Bowl
7. ​Patty Plate with Collard Taco, Farm to Table Taco or Quinoa Tamal
8. Turmeric Energy Bites

Try our ¡Por Vida! approved menu items in our cafe or order to-go through Ubereats and Favor!

More information on the ¡Por Vida! Healthy Trail can be found on the ¡Por Vida! website.