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Pharm Table Recycling Program

Recycling can be perceived as a chore, especially by businesses who are trying to save time and cut costs. For Pharm Table, however, striving for sustainability is something to be celebrated. Reworks SA is recognizing Pharm Table with a gold certification for its recycling program, which includes:• Composting of all organic food waste• Reuse and recycling of inorganic materials• Switching to biodegradable, compostable to-go products• Repurposing of furniture and decorations

Pharm table composts all food waste with Compost Queens, a community composting service.

As the first commercial vendor to partner with Compost Queens, we are proud to work with an organization that promotes nourishing the soil, building gardens and connecting community members. Reworks SA provides resources to help local businesses reduce waste and recycle in an effort to improve the environmental and economic profile of the city of San Antonio. Pharm Table is the fourth restaurant to receive a gold certification from their program.

Since San Antonio is a UNESCO recognized City of Gastronomy, restaurants should be doing their part to use food and culture as a driver for sustainable economic development.

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