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So Live: Presenting Pharm Table

From the So Live Website:

As a part of our Wellness Partner Program, So Live is proud to present Pharm Table, a San Antonio based restaurant that’s “arguably one of the only anti-inflammatory restaurants of its kind”. In 2014 Chef Elizabeth Johnson created Pharm Table as a synonym for culinary medicine. Pharm Table’s cuisine focuses on food as medicine, taking its inspiration from eastern traditions like Ayurveda (India’s traditional system of medicine), as well as National Geographic’s Blue Zones research focusing on longevity and nutrition from areas home to some of the world's oldest people. The restaurant’s local seasonal approach to cooking is unique in that health and wellness is approached through an anti-inflammatory program focused on reducing allergens and inflammation under the world cuisine platform.

Chef Elizabeth is serving as a powerful agent of change regarding mitigating chronic inflammation, the main culprit behind so many of today’s health issues, through Pharm Table’s mission “to share real, farm-fresh meals that promote an overall better quality of life”…without out sacrificing taste or satisfaction!