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Ten Mantras of Pharm Table Kitchen

1. Breathe and be mindful!

2. Eat until you are 80% full. Ideally, maintain a balance of 30/30/30 of food/air/water in your stomach when you eat.

3. Avoid acidic foods (too much dairy, animal proteins, sugar, processed foods, coffee).

4. Favor alkaline foods, such as citrus and plant-based foods.

5. Avoid iced or carbonated drinks. Instead drink room temperature water or hot tea. Cold or carbonated foods slow digestion in the body, which strives to maintain a 98-degree environment.

6. Eat probiotic-rich foods (fermented foods), like kombucha and kimchi.

7. Consume all 6 flavors at every meal to satisfy and balance your body. These include pungent, sour, sweet, salty, bitter and astringent.

8. Sprout and soak your dry ingredients for increased fiber, nutrition, and ease of digestion.

9. Create complete amino proteins with plants by combining the right foods.

10. Eat plants that are local and honor the seasons, and eat foods that pacify your dosha (body type) and are pacifying to the season/your dosha.

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Hi Elizabeth, I was the docent at the Maverick Carter House tonight and wanted to thank you for the delicious “boxed” foods you provided my son and me. Everything was delicious! I will be sure to bring friends and family to your restaurant. Thank you for feeding us your feel good food. : ) I look forward to getting recipes and learning more about these foods.

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