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The Restaurant

Our philosophy supports an anti-inflammatory approach by making plants the protagonist and showcasing the phytonutrients of seasonal produce.

​Our food paradigm is influenced by the time-honored practice of eating with the seasons and sourcing from small local farms, which in turn reduces our carbon footprint and improves the wellness of our community and environs.

We design our menus to utilize scraps and trim from the kitchen, maximizing the nutrients found in the skin of plants AND avoiding food waste.

​Community and mindfulness are also important ingredients for long-term health; Pharm Table is a lifestyle, not a diet. We encourage community tables and the importance of breaking bread with like-minded people.

  • Do you accept walk-ins? 
    Yes, we reserve a portion of our restaurant to accommodate walk-ins on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can reserve a table here.
  • Do you validate parking? 
    We have a parking lot adjacent to the restaurant and validate parking for 90 minutes. There is also street parking available.
  • What is a typical wait time?
    During peak hours our wait time can average from 15 to 30 minutes. We encourage you to check in with our host stand who can give you an updated wait time when you arrive. Once you’ve been added to our waitlist you can enjoy cocktails at the bar.
  • Are dogs allowed?
    Yes, dogs are allowed on our outdoor patio area.
  • How many guests can you make a reservation for?
    We allow regular reservation bookings between 1-8 people. We love large parties! Groups larger than eight can enjoy our "Rasas" experience, a family-style, chef-curated menu that reflects the ethos of our kitchen. Email to book a table.
  • Do you offer catering?
    Yes, we currently offer full service on and off site catering, plus host large-parties and venue buy-out. More info.
  • How often does your menu change?
    Our menu rotates at least four times a year as we honor the seasons and feature local vendors produce.
  • Do you have a happy hour?
    Yes, we run a happy hour Wednesday - Friday from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM. We offer 50% off bottles of wine.
  • What oils do you cook with or use?
    Organic oils: sunflower, coconut, seasonal ghee made in house, arbequina olive oil, toasted sesame oil
  • Is everything organic?
    We source as many organic ingredients as possible, especially when it comes to oils and foods on the dirty dozen list.
  • What local vendors do you feature?
    See our vendors page.
  • Do you serve meat?
    Yes we serve Regenerative and sustainable raised animal proteins. See our vendor list.
  • Is Pharm Table vegan/vegetarian only?
    There is a place at the table for everyone at Pharm Table. If you are vegan we have MANY 100% plant based items to enjoy. We also feature dishes with sustainable animal proteins.
  • Do you use dairy on your menu?
    No, our menu is 100% dairy free. We make creams and dairy free cheeses from nuts and seeds.
  • Do you have any gluten free items?
    Yes our menu is 100% gluten free.
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