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Special Events

Pharm Table hosts pop-up dinners, classes and other special events.

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5/23: Arts & Culture Night

Introducing "sustain" our first ever arts and culture night here at Pharm Table! Come join us for a free event in celebration of art, nature, and food, through the lens of sustainability.

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5/30:Wine Tasting

Join us for wine tasting in the Crus of Beaujolais! Just at the southern tip of Burgundy lies an oft overlooked and misunderstood region. Known for its red wines, the Beaujolais is the birthplace of the modern natural wine movement. The 10 distinct 'Crus', or subregions all showcase a unique personality and terroir. Wine director Nathan White, in partnership with Rootstock wines, presents 3 landmark wines, from 3 different Crus, from 3 iconic producers, that showcase the region's past and its future. Come journey through a piece of natural wine history in a glass.

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