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Get Pharm Table Delivered to Your Home or Office

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All Salads Listed as Vegan

Add Pulled Chicken Breast for $5.50, Berbere Pork, grass fed Beef meatballs  or Hemp Seeded Avocado for $4

Persian Salad


Local greens, saffron turmeric cabbage, cardamom carrot slaw, roasted za’atar, roasted mushrooms, lemon sumac cashew dressing.

Paleo Green Goddess Salad


Local greens, sweet potato swipe, beet noodles, toasted coconut, roasted broccoli, hemp seeded avocado, nut-free green goddess dressing.

Warm Keto Avocado Collard Salad


Coconut oil seared collards, fresh greens, beet-kimchi, toasted coconut, turmeric saffron cabbage, hemp seeded avocado, roasted cauliflower, ras al hanut coconut cashew dressing.

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