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For bulk orders that freeze well, call 210-802-1860 or order online below!

We are now offering items in bulk to help you stock up on healthy food.

Healthy Hunker Downs


Soups - $16

Kitchari - $16

Granola - $18

Golden Milk - $21

16 oz

Carrot Slaw - $8

Cabbage Slaw - $8

Escabeche - $8

Other Bulk

Tamales, 1/2 Dozen - $24

Spicy Vegan Crema, 8 oz - $8

Mesquite Cookies, .5 Dz - $10

Mesquite Cookies, 1 Dz - $20

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  • Soups & Broths
  • Salads
  • Open Faced
  • Bowls
  • Desserts
  • Brunch
  • Starters & Drinks

Starters & Drinks

Ginger Meal Starter


House pickled ginger marinated in lemon juice, turmeric, raw local honey, himalayan salt and fresh herbs. Hit all six flavors in the Ayurvedic flavor wheel and jump start your digestion!

Probiotic Plate


Taster of fermented & pickled vegetables + Happy Gut beet kvass.

Golden Milk


Homemade golden almond milk infused with dry toasted spices, dates, saffron and turmeric.



Filled with billions of probiotic rich cultures. Ask to see our local selection!

Rosewater Kombucha


Low sugar Element Kombucha, rose water, fresh mint.

French Press Coffee

For one: $4

For two: $6.50

Single origin coffee from local roaster, Brown Coffee. Rich in antioxidants.

Zanzibar Coffee


Slow pour coffee w/ ginger, turmeric, cardamom & clove. Anti-inflammatory.

Iced Tea and Agua Fresca Bar


We steep and infuse our homemade iced teas daily according to the season. Free refills!

Wellness Shots

Each of our wellness shots deliver anti-inflammatory ingredients. Order individually or choose a flight of four that includes a beet shot, in addition to the ginger, turmeric and golden almond milk.

Ginger Shot


Turmeric Shot


Golden Milk 


Beet Shot


Flight of 4 


Matcha Chai  Tea


Golden Chai  Tea


Moroccan  Mint  Green Tea


Liver Cleanse Tea


Ginger Honey Hot Tea


Vetiver Rose  Tea

CCCF Digestive  Tea

Expectorant Tea




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