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Pharm Table Mantra #4: Avoid Acidic Foods

The Pharm Table kitchen follows 10 mantras based on Ayurveda, cuisines from the Blue Zones, and heritage foods of the Southwest. Our fourth mantra: Avoid acidic foods.

Foods high in acidity include grains, sugar, dairy products, processed foods, processed animal protein, sodas and other sweetened beverages.

Too many dairy products, animal proteins, sugar, processed foods or coffee can produce an acidic environment in your gut, which can lead to indigestion, acid reflux and even kidney issues in extreme cases. If you choose to consume these foods and drinks, moderation is essential.

Two foods commonly attributed as acidic due to their sour and bitter tastes are lemon and ginger, but they actually work to alkalize the gut once they are digested. We will dive into the benefits of eating alkaline foods in our next mantra!


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