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Cleanse Detox Packages

RESET & REJUVENATE - Pharm Table’s cleanse is comprised of easily digestible foods that allow you to eat with intention and gently rid your body of toxins.

Our simple three-day cleanse can help: improve digestion and metabolic function, foster clarity, energy and vitality, encourage balanced sleep and promote improved health.

Email to order your Cleanse Kit. Available for pick-up every Thursday and Sunday afternoon.

Vegan Detox: $300 (+ tax + 10% kitchen gratuity)


Ginger Meal Starter

Lemon Saffron Tea

Dandelion “Coffee”

Nervine Tincture

3 Quarts of Plant Based Soup

10 oz Golden Milk

10 oz Turmeric  Shot 

10 oz Ginger  Shot 

3 Detoxing Kitchari

Probiotic and Prebiotic Garnishes

3 Regenerative Salads

3 Avocados

10 oz Detox CCF Tea 

*Menu contains seeds and nuts


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