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Matcha: Superfood Spotlight

The Pharm Table kitchen strives to utilize heritage foods and superfoods.

This week's superfood spotlight falls on matcha.

Matcha is a green tea powder that is rich in antioxidants, fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins. It is made by whisking in hot water to create a suspension tea. Unlike a regular brewed tea, it can separate after some time.

Because matcha powder consists of whole, ground tea leaves, it has about ten times the amount of antioxidants as a cup of brewed green tea.

Although stone-ground tea leaves originated in China, Japanese tea ceremonies popularized the custom of mindfulness when drinking matcha.

Matcha has about the same caffeine content as a cup of coffee, but it has soothing and calming properties due to an amino acid known as L-theanine.

In the kitchen, matcha makes a great addition to smoothies and desserts. At Pharm Table, it can be found in our Matcha Chai, a matcha latte made with golden milk.


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