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Pharm Table Mantra #5: Favor Alkaline Foods

The Pharm Table kitchen follows 10 mantras based on Ayurveda, cuisines from the Blue Zones, and heritage foods of the Southwest.

Our fifth mantra: Favor alkaline foods, such as citrus and plant-based foods. This mantra ties into the anti-inflammatory element of our food philosophy, as alkaline foods help reduce inflammation in the body. 

Building upon our third mantra, Avoid Acidic Foods, favoring alkaline foods can help lessen overall acidity in the body. Alkaline foods include almonds, greens, lemons and other citrus fruits, ginger, turmeric, herbs and other plant-based foods.

Although the digestive system is naturally acidic, eating alkaline foods can help reduce the acidity in your urinary tract and promote better digestion and overall health. As an added bonus, alkaline foods are generally healthier and more nutrient-dense than their acidic counterparts (i.e. animal proteins, dairy products and processed sugars). 


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