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Pitta: Know Your Dosha

Learning about your Ayurvedic body type, or dosha, is essential to knowing what kinds of foods balance your physical and mental constitution.

Balancing your dosha is key to boosting your immune system and preventing toxins from undigested food. Ama, defined as the root cause of all disease is caused by undigested toxins in the body.

The Pitta dosha is governed by the elements of fire and water, and corresponds to the summer season.

The best foods for Pitta types are foods with sweet, bitter and astringent tastes, as well as foods with cooling properties to balance the heat of Pitta.

A few ingredients to favor for Pitta dosha are:

• Greens, such as collard greens• Avocado• Lentils• Quinoa• Beans• Fruits• Potatoes• Nuts and seeds• Root vegetables• Coconut• Lime juice• Turmeric• Cumin, coriander, fennel• Cilantro• Peppermint


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