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Pharm Table Mantra #10: Complete Amino Proteins

The Pharm Table kitchen follows 10 mantras based on Ayurveda, cuisines from the Blue Zones, and heritage foods of the Southwest. Our tenth mantra: Combine plants to create complete amino proteins.

Plant-based proteins can be found in many sources, but complete amino proteins are essential for digestion and aiding metabolism.

Although meat and dairy products are one source of complete amino proteins, plant-based sources like quinoa, legumes and rice, spirulina and nuts are all great sources of complete amino proteins (AND SOURCES OF FIBER).

Many health food advocates now focus on the importance of "clean proteins" defined as having both protein and fiber. This combination is only found in the plant world, not in animal proteins.

Hemp seeds and chia seeds are near-complete sources, as well, and make a great addition to smoothies or salads. For example, three tablespoons of hemp seeds equals nine grams of protein, the equivalent of a four-ounce chicken breast.

Explore options in the plant world the next time you're looking for more protein!


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